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Request our Skins® wet samples now for free and discover just how easy Skins® are to apply! We have different Skins® products listed below. Depending on your needs and what you are looking for, you can easily select which free wet samples you would like to receive.


NeoPac™ F-3000: Adds sand-like textures to a wide range of materials, including food and non-food packaging.

NeoRez® R-1021: Excellent silk feel effect resin with matt appearance, mainly used as overprint varnish.

AgiSyn™ 248: Energy curable version of the silky feel effect resin to enhance resistance properties.

NeoRez® R-1030: Excellent rubber feel effect resin with matt appearance; especially for application on film substrates - since it does not influence properties of the backside of the film on winding.

NeoRez® R-1010: Excellent velvet feel effect resin with matt appearance, used for OPV and film applications.

NeoRad™ R-1500: Energy curable version of the velvet feel effect resin to enhance resistance properties.

NeoRez® U-1210: Fast drying velvet feel binder, specifically designed for tactile effect coatings that can be applied at high print speed on paper and flexible packaging substrates.

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Please select the Skins® you are interested in, and receive a paper sample as a feel reference and a wet sample to test for yourself. 

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