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Tactile Coating Solutions For Printing & Packaging: Skins® by DSM webinar

In line with our purpose-led, performance-driven strategy, we work hard at DSM to drive sustainable living – helping our customers deliver futureproof solutions that make a positive difference to the world. And, while Covid-19 means we have to keep our distance physically, we still want to stay close to our customers and partners.

That’s why we recently held an insight-packed webinar on our family of Skins® solutions – sharing insight on relevant market trends, and advice on how our resins can help you take your packaging to the next level. 

In the Skins® webinar, we offered:

Expert insight into the latest print and packaging trends and market opportunities for consumer brands √

A close-up look at how our unique family of Skins® resins is designed, developed and validated with our customers and other partners and how they work to make  printing or packaging stand out √

Inspiration to drive differentiation for converters, packaging companies, and brands, to help you get ahead of the competition of food and non-food packaging √

Why did we develop the Skins®?
What can they do for you?

Skins® by DSM is our family of unique haptic coating resins. We developed them to open new opportunities for textured printing & packaging, focusing on functionality in particular. Indeed, the Skins® can be easily formulated for and on existing flexo, gravure, or offset printing press – enabling faster, higher-volume production. What’s more, they are available in multiple technologies, including waterborne, and are suitable for a broad variety of substrates. Four Skins® resins are available: grippy Rubbert, smooth Silky, soft Vel-Veeto, and our newest addition, gritty Sandy.

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If you missed the webinar, don’t worry! We’ve made a recording available so that you can access this in-depth insight long-term.

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