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Our Skins® – Rubbert, Silky, Vel-Veeto and Sandy – just love to add character to packaging by giving it different tactile sensations using special coatings. They open up entirely new opportunities for graphic and packaging design and functionality. 

These innovative print finishing products are the bases of the next generation overprint varnish suitable for flexo, gravure or offset and can be completed in a single pass on the press. 

The Skins® family may be fun but there’s a lot of microtechnological science behind them. Designed at molecular level, they produce particular looks and touch sensations, combined with a high optical transparency suitable for many different applications.

How do they do that? Well, it’s all down to haptic perception. That’s the effect of friction between human skin and a coating surface. It’s influenced by the surface roughness and other coating properties such as its stiffness and surface chemistry. 

Our Skins® play around with the mechanical properties to create superior coatings that have markedly different haptic “feels” on human skin.


  • Meet Skins® Rubbert
    Meet Skins® Rubbert
  • Meet Skins® Silky
    Meet Skins® Silky
  • Meet Skins® Vel-Veeto
    Meet Skins® Vel-Veeto
  • Meet Skins® Sandy
    Meet Skins® Sandy


Send us a sample of your own inspirational material for our Expert Haptics Team to analyze. They will give you a report on what kind of feel your customers are experiencing from it. 

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