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DSM Skins® give your branding ideas character. We’re the bases of a family of powerful overprint varnishes that add funky tactile effects to all kinds of packaging. These special coatings unleash a world of creative opportunities for food and non-food packaging whether on coated or uncoated papers, boards, plastics and even aluminum. Giving a Wow Factor that other packaging just can’t touch!

Discover the Skins® by DSM

What are
The Skins®
all about?

Skins® are DSM’s innovative new print finishing wizards. Equally happy on flexo, gravure or offset, they use microtechnology to give your products a whole new look and feel. These little guys are fast too – able to complete a soft touch varnish job in a single pass! 

How do they do it? By understanding the science of touch and the printing process. They know their chemistry inside-out and so create soft feel coatings that have the right suppleness, smoothness, roughness, stiffness, velvety-ness, rubbery-ness… whatever feel you’re after. Basically they create the right chemistry between a product and the customer’s sense of touch. 

Now, how could they help you?


Our Skins® just love to take packaging designs to another level. By adding contrasting textures and fresh color options, they create packaging innovations that make customers engage with products in a new way. They even give extra protection during processing and against moisture. But don’t worry, these little rascals won’t slow your production down. You’ll still run 10,000 pieces an hour on the packaging line!



  • Fast

    Apply in a single pass 

  • Flexible

    Use on all kinds of materials

  • Versatile

    Suitable for all kinds of applications

  • Perfect for packaging

    Make packaging that makes a statement

  • Perfect for print

    Make print work that stands out

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Skins® Sandy

From super fine to kind of gritty, Skins® Sandy has many sides for you to discover. Not only gorgeous, she’s also light as a feather compared to regular laminates and so saves on material use, transport costs and eco-taxes. She gives packaging an authentic feel and looks great on everything from swimwear packaging to bottle wrappers, biscuit boxes or even spaghetti packages!

Sandy says:
“I’ve got a good feeling about this!”

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Skins® Rubbert

Rubbert is our roughest, toughest skin who loves wrapping himself round the packaging for hi-tech stuff and gadgets. Bouncy, active and always ready for some rough and tumble, he’s also super stylish so people love him to be around. Let Rubbert give your headphones, laptop, tablet or whatever other packaging you have in mind the matte look and a cooler than cool, rubbery feel.

Rubbert says:
“It’s time to bounce, baby.”

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So smooth and soft and sumptuous, everyone loves the feel of Skins® Silky. She kind of floats wherever she goes and raises everything up along with her. Tender, delicate and supple like a ballerina, she’s the epitome of grace. When it comes to skincare, perfume and make-up packaging with a luxuriously soft touch, she’s got you covered.

Silky says:
“Smoothly does it, every time.”

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Skins® Vel-Veeto

Vel-Veeto is already well-established in the world of haute couture and counts many household names among his friends. It’s easy to feel why. This sharp looking dude is a real soft touch once you get to know him. And, in the packaging world, he’s got what it takes to raise anyone’s game. So next time you have a lifestyle product to package, this is your go-to guy for a real touch of class. 

Vel-Veeto says:
“A touch of luxury, a ton of class.”

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Rubbert, Silky and Vel-Veeto feel perfectly at home on paper, board, corona pre-treated PE and primered plastic materials.

  • Paper
  • Carton
  • Plastic
  • Metal
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What is your skin?

Send us a sample of your own inspirational material for our Expert Haptics Team to analyze. They will give you a report on what kind of feel your customers are experiencing from it. 

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